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35 Weeks and Hubby is on Travel

So here we are 35 weeks. Hubby left very early this morning to go on his business trip.  I woke up when he did, as per usual when he travels, but fortunately after some time I was able to fall back asleep.  I posted last week about how anxious Hubby is about me possibly going into labor while he is gone.  He's still anxious and I am going to try to take it easy while he is gone as best I can. I am very grateful for the friends and family who responded to my query for a backup labor coach. It puts my mind at rest knowing that if I should go into labor this week, I have someone who will support me until Hubby can fly in.  I am also grateful for the prayers and the offer to lend a hand from my two of my pregnant friends (Thanks, Ladies!) though both are due before me, one right after the other.

I'm still debating on taking the kids to their dance class tomorrow, only because it's a long day for us and I tend to have contractions at night. One of my SILs, one of my BFFs, and Hubby have all encouraged me to take a night off just this once. I know that their dance instructor would understand. So it's on me and no one else if I decide to be hard-headed and take them anyway. Though at this point staying home to avoid labor is looking pretty good.

I'm grateful that Hubby chose to go on his trip this morning versus leaving last night and flying home on Thursday night versus coming home Friday.  I know that this is much harder on him (lack of sleep, traveling in the middle of the night, etc) and I'm grateful that he chooses to make it easier on us (me and the kids) by making these choices every time he travels.

As it stands I sleep fairly lightly now, but even more so while Hubby travels. When he travels I tend to stay up later and avoid sleep because I hate sleeping without him. When I do sleep I think I unconsciously sleep even more lightly as I listen for the kids, intruders, and things that go bump in the night.  This will leave me a little frazzled and frayed come Thursday night and I'll be so happy when Hubby comes home in the wee hours on Friday morning.

I think staying as closely as we can to our usual routines without overdoing it will help to keep me labor free this week, give Hubby peace of mind, and maintain my sanity.  Wish us luck ;)