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Weight Woes

I had two separate appointments this week. I had a my usual monthly check up. So far so good, but they still think I need to rest more and drink more water. I'm not even They hooked me up for a while to check on contractions. They are still concerned. My husband is worried, and I'm sure that I'm in denial and I think that I can do more than I should. Don't worry, I am pulling back but it's a constant internal debate, "Can I do this, should I do this, what can I do instead?"

I also had a sonogram yesterday and I'll know the full results by next week. But when they do an internal exam to check your cervix, that's not a good thing...there were concerns that it's not closed all the way. Oh, boy....

I knew before I walked into the doctor's office that I had gained a lot of weight this month.  My doctor, who has never given me a hard time about weight brought it up this time around. Just for background, I was at my healthiest weight in over 5 years with this pregnancy. I had worked really hard eating well and exercising and had lost 25 pounds during the 6 months prior to becoming pregnant.  I had planned to continue going to the gym and eating healthily for this pregnancy.

However, it just so happens that this is the pregnancy where I'm not allowed to do anything. I'm not even allowed to take a light walk around the neighborhood. As a result I'm not at the gym and I've been off my feet more often than not at this rate. So as a result I gained 12 pounds this month. I know...Whoa!  I can see your eyes getting big!  Mine did too. Ugh!

It seems that my husband's fabulous chocolate chip, banana, walnut bread is just a little too good and eating that for breakfast everyday is not a good thing. Add to that the lack of exercise, well you'll be able to roll me to any location in the near future.  So I've gone back to checking my calories. Do not worry, I am not dieting! I'm just going back to eating healthier and watching what I'm consuming.  No to really, really yummy chocolate chip, banana walnut bread...yes, to something healthier.

If anyone has some yummy, healthy options/dishes/recipes to share. Please let me know!  Thanks :)