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It's A...

BOY!!!! Baby #3 is definitely a boy. Apparently he doesn't mind taking a picture of his "business" like Brett Favre allegedly does.  The technician was able to tell me pretty quickly that we are having a boy. I'm still in awe. All of my earlier cravings and aversions to food had me convinced that we were having a girl. As of now I am 1 for 3 in my predictions.  Boogie Man is 2 for 2. I think I'll start listening to my son from now on.

Boogie is excited. He is tired of having a sister an is looking forward to having a brother. He also asked if he could get one that was already walking and can play "wuff" with him.  He's not so sure about having a baby as a brother, but I think he'll be fine.  He's been a huge help this pregnancy.  He does so many more things on his own and is willing to help me out more often. I am so grateful to my little man.  It is a little unnerving to hear him say, "Bad Mommy, put her down. Bad Mommy!" when I go to pick up Bug. But he's right and I'm not allowed to pick her up.  So as a result I have been following doctor's more often: First because Boogie has been helping me around the house, helping his sister, and being more independently, and second, because he constantly tells me not to pick something up.  His daddy is so proud!

Buggy is excited to be a big sister and she kisses my belly and hugs it all the time.  But at the same time as my belly grows larger, she becomes more attached. She just knows that her time as the youngest is slowly coming to a close.  I think being the girl in the middle of two brothers will good for her. I think she may have been too competitive if she had a younger sister. Now with a brother she can be Mama's little helper and play little mama to her baby brother....or maybe that's wishful thinking!

My Boogie man is go-go gadget machine and I have a hard time keeping up. It makes me nervous about having another active boy in the house. But I think we'll deal.  I'm also out of ideas for boy names. We haven't settled on anything. We had a hard time when we chose a name for our son the first time around. I have a ton of girl names, but boy names elude me.  So it might be last minute like Boogie was. I was pushing him out when my husband finally decided on a name for him. Yes, I left it up to my husband, and yes, I'm pretty happy with the result. We have just over three months to decide...

All is well and I'm grateful for a low-key weekend. We had plans to visit a petting farm with the kids and my husband's cousin and her family.  She suggested I take it easy and we canceled our outing.  I was really disappointed, but knew she was right. As a result I was able to take a nap, finish reading a book, and finish crocheting Buggy's birthday blanket. It was marvelous and all done in a reclining position with my feet up. Thanks, K. for giving me a day back to relax!  I got up every now and then to straighten the house before Sunday's Bible study, but whenever I got tired or thought it was too much I stopped. As a result I got more done, wasn't stressed out over the house, and of course got to do all the relaxing things that I rarely give myself permission to do.  It helped that Hubby did a bunch, also.  He prepared the food for the next day and was happy to see me asleep, reading, or crocheting. It saved him from telling me to sit.

I hope to hear the results of the sonogram this week. I hope to hear that the placenta has moved up and that I'm off restricted activities.  I'll keep ya posted. By the way...I'm 23 weeks and counting!