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A Week in the Life: Day 4

A Week in the Life: Day 4

Today was a little tougher. I think my son needed a nap. He was teary eyed and fussy in the morning. I was much the same as I was also tired. I need more sleep! Here some fun pictures from Day 4. Enjoy!

My movie star children! I had to buy my son sunglasses because he is really sensitive to sunlight. He is enjoying wearing them, especially since Daddy got a new pair recently.

I just love Buggy's expression in this one. She makes me laugh all the time.

Profile shot.

Of course, a picture with Chester

More laughter from my little one.  Really difficult to get a picture of my constantly moving children :)

One of the ways I relax, a mug of my favorite tea! Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai. Yum!

A birthday gift from Uncle David, a baby pterodactyl.

My birthday gift from my brother. I'm very excited to put new tunes on my new ipod!

The gift from my sweet Hubby. I love the inscription. This little thing will help make my 5-miler more enjoyable, especially paired with the itunes gift card from my little brother.

This was supposed to be my "before" picture of my kitchen table before dinner and then I would have a pretty after picture...

...not so much...here is the after picture...a class project my son and I were working on for his preschool teachers.  The table was clean for dinner and then right back to where we started. I need a better system!

My sweet hubby helping out after the kids are in bed. Thank you, Sweetheart!!!