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A Week in the Life: Day 3

A Week in the Life: Day 3

I've been documenting my week, but a few things that I couldn't document with my camera are:
--my son waking up early in the morning asking my husband to fix his sheets and then telling him that he was going on an adventure at school.
--my son fully waking up in the morning and singing, "Good morning, good morning, good morning dear Mommy," before coming down the stairs.
--my husband calling and suggesting we do dinner out (I was sooooo grateful because I was falling down tired!)
--the amazing and gorgeous full moon we had (Note to self: always bring your camera with you, especially if you are documenting a day in pictures!)

Here is Day 3, enjoy!

The view from our mini van's "conversation mirror."

Trusty Chester who goes with us everywhere, but stays in the car waiting for his best friend to come back.

A box turtle sunning himself on a floating dock. Just one of the cool things we saw on our field trip to Meadowside Nature Center.

Lilypads. Reminds me of college, eh, Jessica?

My son paying attention and looking for the box turtle and telling me that the lilpads were beautiful!

Another box turtle. This time sunning himself in the tadpole pond.

On our way to soccer.  My daughter snuggling with her "baby."

My son has officially given up his naps, but fell asleep on the way to Buggy's soccer class. I had to wake up the poor little guy when we got there. He was so tired it took me several minutes to wake him.

My husband's old law school backpack, now serving a higher purpose as our diaper bag.

A rearview mirror shot.  Buggy waiting to go into soccer, and Boogie fast asleep.

An interesting picture before soccer class. My daughter in the background, and my son (the blur) in the foreground. This pretty much sums up my day. My daughter methodical and independent, and my son, a constant blur of energy and enthusiasm.