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Was That Fear I Saw?

Now that Boogie is out of school going on errands requires a little more endurance, preparation, and patience.  I have to take all three kids with me. Some days I look at my beautiful children who are in various states of crying and say, "Nope, not today." Other days, I dig deep and say with gusto, "Let's do this!"

Earlier this week I made a run to Target. I love that they have a cart with an attachment for two seats in the front. On this particular day I was able to strap the two big kids in the cart and the baby was strapped to me via front carrier. As I mosied up and down the aisles I saw many mommies, some of them with what looked like their first kid in the cart while pregnant with another. Whenever we came across these mommies, I swear I saw fear in their eyes and the following spinning in their brain, "Ack! That might be me some day!"

I chuckled to myself. My kids happened to be on their best behavior and were doing really well. I ran into another mommy who was shopping sans kids and she said, "Oh, yeah I do that often. But my kids are in Summer camp right now." We both agreed that her ability to go shopping without her clan was a luxury.

At first I was apprehensive about how I was going to get errands done with three little ones. But my five year old is a huge help. Bug needs a little more guidance. (Yes that was her running around the grocery store without her shoes last week. Gross!...She took them off in and sat them in the cart.). And Mr. Bananas loves being strapped in the front carrier as long as I'm moving. He often falls asleep quite contentedly.

The world does not stop when you have more children, you just have to figure out how to adapt your resources to still get things accomplished :) I'm still chuckling...