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So Much to Do!

I have so much to do in the next 24 hours, it's ridiculous.  I've been really tired lately and it's been hard to get things done.  A friend suggested getting my hormones checked out and it's definitely something on my to do list...unfortunately my to do list already has 164 things on it! I'll get to it eventually...

Anyway, I had a very specific to-do list written down for the last two days and today.  However, I realize, my to do list is not the problem (well not entirely).  It helps to keep me motivated and clearly outlines what needs (absolutely has) to be done.  What I have come to realize is that it's the timing. I have simply not allotted enough time to get the things done that need to be done.  Some of this stuff I could have gotten done several days ago, but feeling so crummy it's hard to get motivated and to get moving.  Yesterday was a great day. I had gotten enough sleep, I had called a babysitter, I pampered myself a little, went out to lunch with friends I hadn't seen in over a year, and actually got a couple of things knocked off my to do list.  It was great!

Then, I started working on the never ending laundry.  As I'm washing, drying, and folding clothes, I realize that I'm folding and putting away clothes faster than they are washing and drying. This becomes a problem when I need the clothes that are being washed and still need to be washed. *sigh* I spent 3 hours doing laundry last night and still have several loads to do today. While I'm waiting for the clothes to finish, I'm multi-tasking. There are a couple of things that I need to get done...like preschool lesson plans and I'm having writer's block. I think it had something to do with the late hour. I was still doing laundry at 11pm. Of course, then I couldn't function, but I also couldn't sleep. I had too much on my mind.

Now I'm tired, frustrated, and definitely afraid I won't get done today what I absolutely have to get done. I'm going to have find some time somewhere and rearrange a few things. Unfortunately, it's made me cranky. Grrrrrrr.  I'm just going to have to dig deep. zzzzzzzzzzz