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Potty Training Regression

We have taken 4 trips (long and short) in the in last 8 weeks. Every two weeks for the last two months we have gone somewhere.  The first was to Maui, the second just for a night to our 10 year college reunion, the third for just a night to a wedding out of state, and we just returned from a week long trip to Maine.  What do these all have in common besides lots of packing, unpacking, laundry, and time away from home? The inability for my son to stay dry. ARGHHHH!

My son has been potty trained for 16 months now.  When we're home he's been dry and has not had an accident. Quite honestly, I don't think he's had a potty accident in almost a year...if we're not traveling that is! I blame myself.  This is all my fault. Really.My son decided at 3 that he wanted to stop using diapers. Awesome.  A little later than some of his peers, but the fact that he decided this on his own, means that he was more willing to do this himself.  Within in the first 3 months of potty training he was nap time dry and stopped using pull-ups at nap time and was well on his way to being nighttime dry.Then in my infinite mothering wisdom I changed the game on him.  That's right, I did.  With my husband's work, he has the opportunity to do a rotation in another state for a short amount of time, anywhere from a month to a little longer. Being a newly stay-at-home mom and wanting to support my husband's career endeavors, I encouraged him to apply for a rotation in Chicago.  Two years ago, it was denied because he was working on a big case and his boss really wanted him stay local so that they could finish it and suggested that they postpone it until the Fall. He couldn't do that because our daughter was due at the time and neither of us thought that was a good idea.  So he ended up going last Summer for 6 weeks. At the time of his application it didn't occur to me that I could have a new baby and a potty training preschooler.  My husband left for 3 weeks and we joined him 3 weeks later. In my infinite wisdom as a mother I thought this would be the ideal time to break my son of his pacifier. Yes,  I know, brilliant.  All that I ended up doing was take away his comfort while Daddy was away and then blow all of our hard work so that Boogie was no longer nap time or night time dry and instead just induced night terrors for the next 6 months. Yup, brilliant.So here we are a year later. Boogs is day-time dry. At times nap-time dry and rarely night-time dry. Every time we take steps to being completely dry, we have gone on vacation and it has throw us off two weeks. Then we get back into it and once again, it throws his schedule. *sigh* While we are on vacation, we are doing so much that Boogie will take a nap, but he's so tired that he sleeps through the opportunity to get up to go to the bathroom and we are left with wet sheets. The thought was that since he was getting a good nap, then he would be able to wake up in at night and use the bathroom (which he had done successfully several times), but no go. The pull-ups don't contain all the liquid and he wakes up wet. Sometimes with wet sheets, sometimes, not.  We've done everything from limiting his night-time liquid intake, to making sure he goes potty before bed, to even waking him up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (which by the way just makes everyone unhappy as he screams and cries in his sleep and sometimes pees and sometimes doesn't) and all to no avail. He still wakes up wet.I've looked at our calendar and it looks like we are done with our vacationing for at least a year.  I hope that with us going back to our regular routine my poor little Boogie will go back to being completely dry. Wish us luck!