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So Completely Random

On Sunday I had to run out to the mall. This is not my ideal Sunday task, but I had bought a pair of nice dress shoes for my husband's birthday and they did not fit him. In order for me to do an even exchange with the current price I had to return them on Sunday (I bought them on Saturday). Saving over 50% for a really nice pair of dress shoes gave me the motivation to go out on a cold Sunday afternoon. I had to go to two different malls to accomplish this task. The first mall where I had originally bought the shoes did not have his size so I went to one a little further away. I'm going to share some completely random sightings during my adventure at the malls that made me shake my head:

#1 Nicely dressed man (May have been wearing a suit) asked the sales clerk at the Men's shoe counter if they had shoe shine. She pointed him to what they had. He told her it wasn't shoe shine. She was trying to help me at the same time. She turned and looked under the counter behind her. He crouches down with her and says, "That's it. Can I borrow it?" Exasperated because she's trying to help me says, "Fine, fine, go ahead." He then stops her and asks if she has a cloth because he needs to shine his shoes there and then.  Again exasperated, she says, "Look under the counter." He found what he needed and proceeded to shine his shoes in the shoe department. I thought her reaction was understandable. It was weird. When he was done, he returned his used supplies and then asked for the men's room. I really thought we were being punked.

#2 At the end of my successful exchange at the second mall, I decided to treat myself to a pomegranate lemonade at the coffee bar near my exit.  As I was waiting in line I noticed that the woman in front of me paid for her $5 coffee with a $100 bill.  Again random and weird. You really didn't have anything smaller?  However, is that any different for me paying for my $6 lemonade and muffin with a credit card? Is this jealousy talking on my behalf because I never have a $100 bill in my wallet? Just kidding, but I did think it was random and weird.

#3 Not 5 minutes later as I headed out, I saw a woman pushing her preschool daughter in a stroller. The daughter had a portable DVD player in her lap and was watching movie. Now I think I've seen it all. Seriously?  Again, totally random and weird.

#4  Even though Costco is not a mall, I have to add this last one. While waiting in line to get the pizzas I ordered for Hubby's birthday dinner (his request: Packers on tv, beer, and pizza) a teenage girl was in line. She ordered a soda. The price was $0.63.  When the clerk rang her up and told her what it cost, the girl looked confused and said she didn't have the money.  I don't know if she thought it was free or if she thought it was only $0.50...but she didn't have the money and looked very, very confused. I was standing right there and gave the clerk the $0.63. The girl did thank me and left with her soda.

I was so ready to be home by the time my errands were done. I just shook my head as I shared my day with my husband. So completely random...