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...And Potty Training Begins...Again...

When I tried to potty train Boogie, I jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else. Everyone was starting to train their 2 year old and I thought that I needed to do it also.  It only frustrated me. He wasn't ready and he rebelled.  When he went to Montessori school they would help with the process, though it was ultimately up to me to train him.  I was down with that after having a very frustrating Summer trying to do it on my own.  Eventually Boogie got on board and actually did it himself. I went out for a Mom's Night Out and came back to find out that he was using the potty on his own. I think he need to me to let him be independent and do things in his own time. He became interested in training before he hit age 3.

After the experience with Boogie I decided to let Buggy let us know when she was ready.  Hubby has been good about always checking with her before bath time and when she wakes up. I can see the signs when she's ready to do more than just pee and I take her. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I definitely don't push her.

I think yesterday we turned the corner and I think we are up for potty training now.  This is how our morning went:

Buggy wakes up. She's wearing a nightgown and carrying her diaper.  She says she's "poopy," her universal word for bathroom whether or not she is "poopy."  I tell her to throw her wet diaper away and we'll go on the potty. (In retrospect I should've just stuck her on the potty.) She throws her diaper away in the diaper pail, stands next to my bed and promptly pees on my power cord to my computer where I'm working in bed. I say, "Oh, no!" and tell her to sit on the potty. She complies.  I get towels to clean up the pee. I walk over to the diaper pail and there's pee over there, too. Poor thing. She really had to go and peed first by the diaper pail and finished peeing next to me. As I'm trying to clean up the mess, I hear a sploosh. My daughter fell into the toilet because she decided to sit in the one in the master bedroom where there isn't a toddler seat. She fell in.  I pull her out, take off her nightgown, and clean her up.  This is when I decide that she must be ready. So here go...again...good times.

She at least tells me that she has to go. Sometimes it's after the fact, but we still attempt it. I hear that girls are easier and faster to train than boys. I would have preferred if she waited until after the baby is born, but if she's ready now, let's do it.  We'll figure it out as time goes by. Wish us luck!