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Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed. When I was working I used to make sure I brought home all the papers that needed to be graded and materials I needed to lesson plan. I would spend snowy days grading, planning, and playing catch up, even though I had a ton to do around the house. When there was a 2-hour delay I would still go to work on time to enjoy the quiet of the building and get more done.

After having Boogie, my priorities changed and I felt that it was time to enjoy a snow day with my little man and I appreciated having him. But I worried about the things that were undone at work. Now I think snow days are meant to relax, enjoy the ones you're with, have a mug of hot chocolate, and maybe play in the snow.  I wish I did a lot more of that when I was working.

Maybe I'm not so different as I was in my early days of my career. I use snow days as a reason to stay in, but I'm usually baking, Christmas shopping online, writing out Christmas cards, or doing some sort of Christmas catch-up.  But I enjoy doing those things so it's not that bad.

Yesterday I attempted to take Boogie to his afternoon preschool and chickened out after I saw an accident on the road.  I ended up turning around and heading back home.  The roads were bad, everyone was going 20mph, and it was still snowing. It would still be snowing when I picked him up 2 1/2 hours later so I decided to bag it and head home.  Boogs was a little disappointed, but he got over it pretty quickly. He played in the snow for a little bit and enjoyed that.  I decided to finish sending out my Christmas cards. The kids listened to a book on CD and played with each other. It was a really nice afternoon. One of the benefits of having more than one kid is that the kids will play with each other. As I addressed envelopes I kept an eye on the kids and watched them play (gently) with our ceramic nativity set and talk about Jesus' birth and the wise men, build tunnels using couch cushions and pillows, build with blocks, look at books, and entertain each other.  Even though I wasn't an active participant in their games, I was happy to be an observer into their little world.

It was a good snow day. While I'm not done addressing my Christmas cards and I still have a few projects I'd like to finish, I enjoyed the day watching my kids play together and thinking about how a third child will only add to the blessings we already have.