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On My Own

Hubby had to head back to work today. After 3 wonderful weeks of having him home full-time, it was time for him to go back to work.  I'm a little apprehensive as to how I will shuttle all three kids out of the house to take Boogie to preschool and to do it on time.  I also have to stop by and pick up the boys for carpool.  For me it's really trying to work around a nursing baby's schedule.  I can get everything done that needs to get done, only to be thwarted by a hungry baby who ate just the hour before.  So we'll see how it goes today.

I'm also not setting any expectations for myself except to get out the door with the kids dressed, fed, and ready to go.  As far as the house goes, I'm just going to let it be until I have the energy and the wherewithall to get it straightened (that may be a few more months)...though Hubby did a ton to straighten the house last night.  Dinner is going to be simple tonight: pancakes and sausages.  It's also the Shrove Tuesday. Usually we head to our church for pancake supper, but I think we'll just do it at home tonight and save my sanity.  As far as errands and other things on my to-do list. They may just have to wait until the weekend.