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I think the time is getting close. I mean in addition to the fact that I'm 38 weeks.  I've been wanting to go to the gym to walk, which I've yet to do.  But first I decided that I absolutely needed to run errands to buy birthday presents for the 9-cousin birthday party we are going to on Sunday. Fortunately I had bought/made some of them already.  I sent Hubby out with Bug last Saturday to pick up a few more. On Tuesday I went out and got the the last two. Whew!  Now I just have to wrap it all up and have it ready.

I also decided to run to the store yesterday during the lull in the storm to get a few more essential items for today: milk, eggs, and hot chocolate!  I think I'm also going to make an apple crisp for dessert tonight. Yum! I want to make one for my neighbor, too, because she watched my kids at the last minute yesterday so that I could go to my OB appointment. Hubby couldn't make it home in time to watch them and I didn't want them to go with me for my internal exam. She has 3 kids of her own and willingly took my two until Hubby showed up 15-20 minutes later.

Even though I've got my never ending "to do" list on hand, I've started developing one in my head. Things like "wrap sibling gifts to take to the hospital for when the kids visit," "wrap cousin gifts so they're ready to go even if I'm at the hospital and Hubby & the kids go the birthday party by themselves," "make frozen meals," "double check to make sure I have directions," etc.  Things that hitting the priority list on my never-ending to do list.

Things are fine on my end. I'm huge and I'm a little disheartened by it. I was hoping to not gain so much for this pregnancy. But without being able to walk/work-out like I was hoping to do during this pregnancy has made me pretty lazy about my weight.  I need to figure out how I'm going to get back on track in the near future.  I refuse to let this weight hang around for the next 4 years like I did with the first baby.

I'm having regular/false/BH contractions. But that's been the story forever!  However, this last dumping of snow is making Hubby really anxious.  He's out shoveling our driveway and seriously considering shoveling a path for our car to the main street. I love our neighborhood. But we are always, always, always the last cul-de-sac to get plowed. The snow stopped around 12 hours ago and we haven't seen any sign of a snow plow.  Normally, I don't mind. I'm happy for any excuse for Hubby to stay home and enjoy a snow day with us. But being 9 1/2 months pregnant makes me antsy.  I'm hopeful that Baby doesn't get any bright ideas about now being a good time to come out.

As far as my check up goes, I am 1 cm dilated and nothing is moving. Though my OB doesn't think I'll make it to my appointment scheduled for next Wednesday. Fingers-crossed that she's right!  Especially since she's not here that week and I have to see another OB in our practice for my (possibly) last appointment before the baby is born.