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I really need to have my camera out more often. So many cute moments that my camera missed, but I was able to sear into my memory:

  • Buggy reading to Mr. Bananas at bedtime. She read, Dear Zoo to him. According to Hubby it's the first time he's ever sat through an entire reading without being held.  She even read it a second time using sign language to name each animal. She's 3 and that rocks.
  • The big kids playing and building with their kid k'nex and allowing Mr. Bananas to play around them.
  • Mr. Bananas said Boogie's name for the first time last week. Granted he hasn't done it again and when he did say it, he was reprimanding him for playing near a water cooler. It went something like this: "Wllm, no, no, no, no" all the while wagging his finger and shaking his head.
  • Mr. Bananas waving to everyone we come across in our walks, no matter where we are.
  • Hubby trying to take a nap on the couch and immediately covered in children as they snuggled in with him.
  • When asking Mr. Bananas a question he answers in the affirmative with a definitive head nod. Not numerous head nods. One or two and with his eyes shut. It's an absolutely "yes."
  • Buggy saying, "I love you," every single day without prompting. It makes me feel so special and loved.
  • Mr. Bananas patting his chest and saying, "My mommy, my mommy, my mommy" when he sees me. If he needs me it's a more rapid chest patting and "My mommy" is shortened to "Meemee, meemee, meemee."
  • Mr. Bananas being more clear in his sign language:  mommy, please, more, up, all done. These are super clear and definite.  He can do others, but only when it's important to him. The big kids are trying to teach him more.
  • Buggy used to say, "ahind" you when she said, "behind you."
  • Buggy saying, "woohoo" while she wiggles and puts her hand up.
  • Buggy saying our cat's name as ebb-be-ose.  Our cat's name is Berlioz. When I ask her to repeat it because it's so cute she blushes and says, "Bear-Bear."

I love these moments. I need to write them down more often so I never forget them. I should also take more pictures. I LOVE these kids!

Update: I have to add a few more lest I forget!

  • When his teacher asked the class to identify beloved book character Francis in class Boogie says, "Francis is a Common North American Badger." (as opposed to uncommon? ;) I love it!)
  • Boogie's class was learning how list making can be part of the writing process. His teacher asked the kids to name and then sort games into categories. After Boogie shares the name of a particular  game, one of his classmates begins teasing him and tells him it's a baby game. My Boogie looks at her and says, "I do have younger siblings, you know." LOVE his response.
  • "Mommy, I prefer nonfiction text. What do you like to read, fiction or nonfiction?" (Boogie).