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Made it!

This past week and weekend have been a whirlwind of activity. With Hubby being away I tried to keep busy and productive. I was definitely busy, but maybe to productive unless you count investing my time and energy into cultivating friendships, then, yes, very productive!  While Hubby was away I took the kids to several playdates with new friends, family that I am blessed to call friend, and one of my nearest and dearest friends.

I will admit that I was a walking zombie by the end of the week. I almost never napped (though I really should have!) and I fell asleep past midnight every night and awoke early with the kids and woke up several times in between to tend to the baby.

I finally found a pair of "big girl pants" that fit and didn't call my husband in a fit of tears while he was away. Not once! Hurrah for being a big girl.  He noticed and even commented that he missed me. He's never done that. Probably because I'm usually on the other end of the phone crying from the lack of sleep.  He heard my weary, yet cheerful voice each night and I think it made him miss me :)

My poor husband finally rolled in around 5am on Saturday morning exhausted and a little grumpy. He missed his original flight and his next flight was delayed and arrived in a completely different airport so he had to take a cab to the other airport where he left his car, before finally arriving home to us.

But he made it and so did I. While I'm not looking forward to future business trips, at least I know that I can survive a week without him. Hurrah to having him home for a while before his next business trip.