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Keepin' Busy

I just saw on Facebook today that another dear friend has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. This is the 6th friend in the last 4 weeks who has given birth. I am genuinely happy and excited for my friends and their new babies. I can't wait to meet each of them!

In the meantime I am trying to stay busy so that I can keep my mind off the fact that I have not given birth yet.  I have scheduled quite a bit for us to do this week. So even though the sonogram technician's proposed due date (Feb. 7th) has come and gone and tomorrow I will officially be 40 weeks (according to the doctor's little circle chart) my dear friend J. reminded me that my other two children were born within 24 hours of my NFP date.  If that's the case, I have at least another 5 days of waiting.

Yesterday was our whirlwind Wednesday with MOPs in the morning and dance class in the evening.  Today I went to a play date held in our Church and tomorrow I have a gym date with Carpool Mom.  She will be training for a race and I will be training for a quick and easy labor & delivery (I hope!).  Her boys don't like going to the childcare at the gym and we thought that if Boogie was there, they would be more likely to enjoy it.  Going to the gym will force me to get out of the house and walk and keep my mind off the fact that I will be 40 weeks pregnant.

I have my final OB appointment tomorrow afternoon. My hope is that between the walk and the appointment, the OB will be able to stir things up and I'll be delivering sometime Saturday. If not, Saturday is our family's turn to clean our Church. I plan on being there, unless Hubby is adamant that I do not attend. He's been trying to make sure that I get enough rest.  I also read that there is a winter festival nearby on Saturday afternoon, so maybe we'll do that. It would be fun for the kids and of course means more walking.

All is well. I'm just ready to meet our new little guy. The silver lining is that the end is in sight and in less than a week I'll be holding our new son in my arms, no matter what :)