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Carpoolin' It

We're slowly making changes in our schedule. I'm trying to think ahead and make things a little easier for when the baby arrives.  One of the most helpful changes occurred in the just the last two weeks.

I was sitting with another preschool mom chatting and the conversation came around to my very tired little girl who was sitting with me.  The other mom offered to pick up Boogie from school and drop him off so that Buggy could have a longer nap in the afternoon. We talked for a few minutes more and ended up deciding to carpool. I would pick up her boys before school and drop them off with Boogie and she would pick up the boys after school. I have no problem picking up the boys from school. It actually helps to keep me on schedule knowing that I'm responsible for getting other kids to school on time.  Having Boogie picked up in the afternoon is a huge stress relief. Bugs wasn't getting enough sleep between her night time wanderings and shortened nap times. Wednesdays were particularly hard. But now I don't have to worry. She (and I!) both get a much needed afternoon nap after we drop off the boys at school. She can stay asleep longer and I get just enough to carry me through the rest of the day.The other benefit is that Boogie loves hanging out with his friends. They're such nice boys and it's nice to see Boogie interacting with his peers.  The carpooling has also led to a few extra play dates.  It's good to know that I can call this mother and ask if Boogie can come over for a play date so that I can go to the doctor's if needed. I have also offered to take her boys for her when she needs to take her other children to the dentist or when she has lunch duty at her older kids' school. It seems to work out for the both of  us.  It alleviates the stress (for both of us) of having to drag extra kids to appointments when they'd would much other play together.  I wish we had thought of this sooner, but still...it's only February. We've got plenty of playdates to get in before the end of the year :)