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Just What the Doctor Ordered

It's amazing what happens when you are given permission to do nothing.  Especially when it's doctor's orders to do nothing!  I felt so much more relaxed. More relaxed than I have in months! There is no more guilt about things not getting done and that alone alleviates a ton of stress!

Yesterday, I was able to go out to lunch with a friend. We chatted for well over an hour and having that time to just hang out with her was great.  I didn't feel guilty that the dirty laundry was piling up or that things weren't as neat as they could be at home.  I had a relaxing morning with the kids, did a few things around the house that I could do while off my feet (like folding laundry, I can sit on my bed, fold laundry and watch the Gilmore Girls. Easy peasy.), and then took the Boogs to school and had lunch with a friend.  Since Buggy and I got back from lunch with a few minutes to spare before leaving again to pick up Boogs, I was able to marinate the meat for dinner, and pick him up. We came home for snacks and read books. The kids went up for a naps/rest and I worked on another baby blanket.  I think I could get used to this gig!

Because there wasn't pressure to get things done and I got done what I could and let the rest go to the wayside, I actually got a few more things done than I normally do.  I think stress makes me procrastinate, procrastination makes me feel guilty, guilt makes me tired, and being tired makes me cranky, which leads me back to not getting anything done, which makes me stressed and the cycle begins again!

I think I need to fill my days with more lunch dates (thanks, A. I had fun!), playdates, and days to just hang out with the kids. I think that's just what the doctor ordered!