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Happy 4 Months!

Happy 4 Months!

Mr. Bananas is officially 4 months old as of yesterday.  He is able to hold up his head and he's rolled over twice. Once back to front and on another day, back to front.  He keeps sticking his fingers in his mouth and it makes me wonder if he's teething. Boogs started teething around 4 months, so it's a possibility.

In the last month he entered the Church when he was baptized by Deacon Grandpa on Memorial Day weekend, witnessed by family and friends. All 16 of his cousins attended this joyous occasion. Pretty cool.

At his 4 month checkup all looks well, though he did drop into the 30th percentile for weight. I think it has a lot to do with the reflux.  My SIL noticed that he wasn't nursing for very long and he was spitting up a lot. She was right, Mr. Bananas wasn't getting any of the hind milk when I nursed and that's where all the fatty goodness is located.  So he dropped in weight. But now he is on reflux medicine and he isn't screaming when he nurses and he isn't spitting near as often. We now have a very happy baby who isn't in pain anymore. Hallelujah!

His favorite person in the world is his sister. He loves when we sing to him. His siblings can be found singing at the top of their lungs next to him and he thinks it's great. Mr. Bananas actually giggles when we tickle him (I don't think I actually tried to tickle the other two when they were babies. I don't know why).  He has found his toes and loves to grab them.  If he is in the swing when Daddy comes home he cries because he can't wait to get out and be held by him. He is starting to talk...we can't understand him yet, but he has an opinion on some things. His favorite toy is a monkey blanket that his Godfather gave him. He loves to chew it's face. The other day we were on an hour long car ride. He cried for the first 30 minutes and when I gave him his monkey blanket he calmed down and fell asleep.  He loves the water and I look forward to playing in the pool with him.

He has always been a delight, however, it made us sad when he would cry in pain due to the reflux. Now that he is on medicine and no longer in pain, it's like we have a completely different child who is happy 99% of the time. (The other 1% is when I try to put him to bed and he's not having it.) He continues to brighten our lives by his presence. I can't imagine not having him a part of our family. The big kids LOVE their baby brother and he is often referred to as our Mr. Bananas.