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My family and I gave up television this Lenten Season. We don't miss it, not even a little bit. It makes me wonder if we should cancel our satellite services and maybe give up the tv altogether.  The kids have been fantastic about it and I'm so proud of them!

I wish I could say that I was able to get more things done since I haven't been watching tv, but it's hard to say. Something new crops up every day and my "to do" list keeps getting longer...*sigh* I don't think I'll every truly catch up, but I'll always try!

One of the things I hate about tv is all of the commercials, especially the scary ones. Usually there's an ad for a new movie that my kids can't watch, but the ad shows up during a football game or some other thing that we're watching. A friend of ours has trained his kids to put their hands over their ears and to squeeze their eyes shut until the inappropriate commercial is over. He calls out "earmuffs!" and the kids do this until he gives the kids the all clear.

When we watch tv, that's what we started having our kids do.  Here is a picture of Buggy doing her earmuffs routine:

Since we haven't watched tv, we haven't had to do this in a while...maybe the tv will just have to stay off!