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Baby Update

I have been on restricted activity for over two months, now. My diagnosis was that I had a low-lying placenta and it was causing my spotting.  The contractions I have been having are due to dehydration.  I have been trying to stay off my feet more and trying to take it slow, which is not easy for a go-go-go person like me who likes to tackle 20 different projects at one time.

Yesterday, I went to my routine OB appointment. I have to be honest and tell you that I was nervous and anxious, and resigned myself to not get my hopes up. I have asked for and have received prayers from friends and family, along with well-wishes, words of encouragement, support, and love.

The good news is the placenta has moved up on its own and I am no longer in need of a c-section for Baby #3!  I am off restricted activity and can resume light exercise. The baby still has a due date of February 7th and it looks like he will stay put until then! Praise the Lord!

The best part of hearing this news was sharing it with my son. When I came home from my appointment yesterday the babysitter asked how it went and with a big smile I told her it went well.

Boogie perked up, looked up at me and said, "What does that mean, Mommy?"
M: It means Mommy is okay and the baby is okay.
B: Does this mean you can pick me up now?
M: Yes, it means I can pick you up now (not really true, just like any other pregnant woman I'm not allowed to lift more than 15 pounds, but still....)
B: Really? (He ran to me and asked me to pick him up (all 35 pounds of him)
B: (looking at the babysitter) My Mommy can pick me up now!
and I got the biggest longest hug. Oh, how I love my Boogie Man!

That was the best!  I won't go overboard and pick him all the time. Heck, he doesn't want to be picked up all the time, he just wants to know that I can.

While I promise not to go overboard, just knowing that I can do a little more will help with my mental and emotional well-being.  My husband is nervous that I'll try to pick up my previous gym activities, but I've decided to not go to the gym until after the baby is born. In the meantime, I'll try some swimming and light walks around the neighborhood.

Praise the Lord for He is Good!