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All Babies are Born on Wednesday, Right?

Both of my kids were born on a Wednesday. With Boogie, my water broke on a Monday night (11:59 pm) and I finally give birth to him on a early Wednesday morning. With Bugs, I started having contractions on a Tuesday afternoon and give birth to her on a Wednesday morning. I'm convinced that this baby will be born on a Wednesday. I mean really, how can I be wrong?

I know for a fact that babies will come when it's time. Sometimes they need a little help because they love the womb so much but they eventually come out.  Both of my kids came when they were due according to my NFP timeline. I was right both times.  However, I'll have to recheck my calculations because according to them I'm not due until the 16th, but I'm already measuring 37 weeks with a doctor's estimated due date of Feb. 7th with the 11th being the latest.  I have an appointment on Friday. I'm anxious to find out if I have dilated at all. With Boogs I never dilated and nor labored on my own. They had to put me on pitocin, because even though my water broke, he wasn't budging.  With Bugs, I was only 1/2 cm dilated for my appointment and when I was checked at the hospital the doctor said I was only 1 cm along. Hey that was better than I was in the morning.

So I'm hoping I'm at least a little bit dilated. With that being said, today is Wednesday and there is a full moon tonight. I got a pedicure on Sunday and I've packed my hospital bag. I'm currently importing a book on CD so that I can listen to it during my hospital stay while I'm nursing. Today is our crazy day because of preschool and dance class tonight. I usually have contractions on Wednesday nights because we are so busy and it's a long day for us.  Lastly, I've started Baby J's blanket which I will be bringing with me to the hospital to work on during the times that he's sleeping and I can't.

This little bun should bake a little while longer....but it is Wednesday and there will be a full moon, so we'll see.