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34 Week Update

I'm 34 weeks along.  I saw the doctor on Monday and everything looks and sounds good. I'm still having contractions now and again and she wants me to continue taking the medication that stops them.  However, at 35 weeks (that's next week!) she said that they won't try to stop the contractions and I can have the baby.  I keep saying that I am under no delusion that this baby will arrive early after he's tried so hard to get out into the world. I'm sure that my due date will come and pass and he'll stay right where he is.

However....I am a teensy bit worried that he'll decide to make his appearance at 35 weeks. The only reason why I'm worried is that Hubby is leaving for a business trip for a few days next week.  Hubby is really anxious that I'll go into labor without him. He keeps telling me I'll have to rest next week while he's gone. He seems to have forgotten that he'll be gone next week and I'll be pulling double duty. I'll do my best since I certainly don't want to go into labor without him.

I've got the childcare part covered. I've got a few friends and family that will be available at different times in the day or night that can take care of the kids. However, I don't have a backup labor coach. Anybody up for the gig if Hubby is gone? I'm kidding...sort of......