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You Always Have Room for Me?

You Always Have Room for Me?

When I was pregnant with Mr. Bananas, Bug began to have a tough time with separation anxiety. The bigger I became, the more she clung to me. She always wanted me to hold her hand around the house. Would cry at the top of the stairs or the bottom depending on which way I went. If I left her at Moppets she would cry. She also would tell me the night before that she "is too going to cry!" at Moppets.  This lasted a couple of months after Mr. Bananas' birth.

However, as she would sit crying at my knee while I was nursing, I would say to her, "I always have room for you." Sometimes I would scoot the baby over a little bit and I would have both kids on my lap.  Whenever I put the baby in his rumble chair or if I was just holding him in my arms, she would ask, "You have room for me?" I would say, "of course" and she would snuggle in with us.

Over the course of the last few months I noticed that the tears have stopped and I now have a more confident Bug. She is no longer concerned that I don't have room for her. She knows I will always have room for her.  She still asks, but I think it's more the novelty and also she likes to hear the affirmation that I will always have room for her.

My Dear Sweet Bug,
I will always love you. I will always have room for you. My heart will never be too full and my lap will always have space for one more.

I love you,

p.s. I can't resist a girl in froggy boots :)