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Where did it Go?

Okay, I think I'm losing my mind...I'm definitely blaming pregnancy brain. I can't find anything!  I keep picking things up and putting them "away" only to find out that I can't find it later on. It's driving me nuts!!!!!

I knew I had swiss cheese brain, but now it's gotten worse. I realized it a month ago when my son brought home his weekly folder from school. I remember opening it, taking out the contents and looking at all of them.  I remember putting everything back and then setting the folder aside. Now I can't find it anywhere! I've torn up the house looking for it and it's definitely gone. No one knows where it is.  I had to ask his teacher for a new one! As a teacher I know what a pain that is!

Example #2: We netflix. If we can't stream from the Wii then we get our netflix by mail. We've been watching the series The Wire. Hubs and I love watching a series and I try to be diligent about mailing back the discs so that we have a new one when we're ready for it. Again, I brought in the mail and I recycled all the junk mail and put away the important mail.  I set down the netflix envelope. I had no idea where I put it. I looked in all the usual places (kitchen counter, beside the tv, upstairs beside the other tv) and it was no where to be found.  Hubs found it. You know where? In our junk drawer. (It's actually no longer a junk drawer but we still call it that). How? Why? Wha? I have no idea how it got there or why it was there. I would never put it there, but apparently I did and now I have amnesia. For the love of Pete!

Example #3:  Hubs was asked at work if we would be willing to adopt a nun for Christmas and provide a Christmas present for her this year.  It just so happens she is part of the order that provided a reception place for our daughter's baptism two years ago.  We agreed. Hubs brought home a list of her favorite things. I looked at it, I gave it to him to look at and now we can't find the sheet! Ugh! I want to start shopping for her and now I can't find her information. I can't even remember her name.

This is just getting ridiculous. My pregnancy brain has been bad, but never this bad.  Do you know that I set an alarm on my watch so that I don't get sidetracked and remember to pick up my son from preschool?  Now you do. I hope regain my senses, because I don't think my sanity can take any more of this! *sigh*