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Wednesday Schedule

So after talking to the OB on Monday and she said I had to keep taking it easy. Maybe even more so that I do. She recommended naps in the middle of the day when my little one naps and the my preschooler is in school.  She is also realistic and realizes that it just isn't that easy. She was happy that I changed my daughter's dance classes to an independent class and took the Mommy out of "Mommy and Me."

I think alright, I can do this. I really don't have a choice. And then I looked at today's schedule. Granted, I will be sitting for most of it, but I'm realizing that the prepping, driving, and being out of the house will take it's toll on me.  I wrote out my schedule last night so that I could have a timeline to help me get out of the house easier today.

Here it goes:

6:30--Quiet time/prayer
7:30--make kids lunch to eat while we're out between MOPs and preschool.
7:45--wake up kids & get them dressed. Breakfast.
8:00--Make skillet dish to bring to MOPs meeting
8:30--Make a slow cooker meal (Italian pork chops) because we'll be gone during dinner prep time tonight
8:45--brush teeth, get ready to leave, leave the house for MOPs
9:15-11:15--MOPs meeting (Mostly sitting and socializing)
11:15-12:30--feed kids lunch and let them play while waiting for school to start (at least MOPs and Preschool are in the same building).
12:30-2:30--lunch with a friend (sitting and eating)
2:30--Leave to pick up preschooler
3:00--pick up preschooler
3:30-4:30--home, put Buggy down for a nap, make sure all the dance class clothes/shoes are ready to go, prep a snack, clean house,
4:30--wake up Bug and get her ready for class. Get Boogie ready for class, turn on rice cooker
4:55--Go to class
5:15-6:45--sit and wait for kids' classes to finish, one after the other.
7:15--Come home, feed family (Hubby will probably take over from here)

After I wrote this all out, I realized that yeah I will be sitting for most of the activities, but it's the prepping that's gonna get me.  Seeing it all written out really shows me that I'm doing way too much.  So much I forgot to include breakfast for me!  For my dear friends who are watching out for me. Yes, now I see it. Yes, now I will modify. I really thought I was taking it easy, but this day is just gonna be a hard one. I promise to take it easy tomorrow as I have nothing on the agenda. NOTHING. Just taking the 4-year old to preschool. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

How does your day look?