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True Middle

True Middle

I had posted last year about "middle child" syndrome (if there is such a thing).  I recently saw a friend of mine at a grad school mini reunion dinner. We had gone to the same undergrad, too, and majored in human development.  For her senior seminar paper she had written about birth order.

When she met my kids the other week she said that I had the "perfect" birth order. A girl between two boys. My girl will never be a true middle child because she will be the princess between the two boys. She said as long as I don't change anything, I'll have the perfect situation.

I found this very interesting, especially as Buggy has been exhibiting some issues of belonging. She loves being a "big kid" with her older brother. She can be found running around after him. She loves doing the things that he's doing.  On the other hand, sometimes I'll find her in the baby swing or curled up asleep in Mr. Bananas' rumble seat. She'll even loudly proclaim, "I want to be the baby."  She's definitely trying to find out where she belongs.  She is also very territorial. One of my SILs noted it that the last time she visited with some of the kids' cousins. Bug could be found saying, "No that's mine!" Part of it is being 2 1/2 years old, but I think another part is realizing that not all of her toys are hers. She has to share them with her brothers.  But that's true of any kid. Sharing is a part of life.

So is she a true middle child? I don't know. I'd like to think that she is wonderfully her own person, no matter the birth order. I think even if we have another child that she will still be the helpful "little mama" that she's been with Mr. Bananas. I love her passion, her silliness, her love for her brothers, and her sincerity. I look forward to growing with her.