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This Is Not a Fun Day. I Am Not Having Any Fun.

You know that it's going to be a tough day when you're 4 year old yells from his bed that his ear hurts and then continues to cry and yell, "My ear hurts!!" as he changes out of his pajamas and eat (not eat) his breakfast.  We were supposed to go to a brunch hosted by my MOPs mentor and meet up with my MOPs group.  But our plans went to the wayside as Boogie continued to fuss and cry.  So I called to cancel and then schedule an appointment with the pediatrician. Fortunately for me, she had an opening an hour later.

We made it to the pediatrician. I had all 3 kids in tow. The receptionist is super nice and is great with us.  She's known us since Boogie first started going to that doctor's office.  She knows all of us by name and treats us so well.  The tech greeted all of us and immediately started working on Boogs. While we waited for the doctor, the tech brought juice and crackers for the kids. I should have known Boogie was really sick when he insisted on brining Chester with us to the doctor's office and he refused the crackers.

I just saw the pediatrician last week for a weight check for Bam Bam.  We didn't think we'd be seeing each other so soon.  But I totally love my pediatrician and always makes me feel valued and willingly takes extra time with me when I need it. She answers all my questions and she's just plain wonderful!!!!

Anyway she checked Boogs and yup he had an ear infection. She decided to check Buggy, too, and yup she had an infection as well. So she immediately prescribed antibiotics for each kid.

We picked up our prescriptions and then headed home. I gave Boogie his medicine before we left because he was feeling so miserable, cancelled our carpool, and headed home to pick up some money so I could swing through a drive-thru for a quick lunch. After I pulled into our driveway I hear Boogie screaming and crying. What is wrong?!?

"Boogs, what's wrong, Buddy?"
"I throwed up! I throwed up all over Chester!"

Yup, he threw up. All over his clothes and in between the seats in the very back of the van.  I started the process of bringing in the younger kids. Left the baby in his carrier in the house and turned on the tv for Buggy.  I went back to figure out how to get Boogie out of the car without leaving a trail of vomit.  I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and some disinfectant wipes. I started wiping down Boogs. While I'm doing this he is crying and holding up his paper bag with his letter of the day sharing for preschool.  He says, "At least I didn't get my bag dirty."(It's so pathetic and sad)  And then he says the following over and over:

"This is not a fun day. I am not having any fun. This is not a fun day."  Then he stops and asks, "Mommy, are you having fun?"

As I look at the vomit all over his clothes and the seat, I say with a shake of my head, "No, I'm not having any fun at all."

Boogie: "Good, because this is not a fun day. I am not having any fun."(over and over again.  When I relayed the story to my husband over the phone, I just started laughing. Because it was really funny. It was not a fun day at all. It was so sad and so ridiculous at the same time).

I finally get him out of the van and stripped of his clothes. I put him in some comfy clothes and set him in front of the tv.  I go back to the van and finish cleaning it out pretty successfully. I load all the gross clothes and booster seat cover into the wash. I take a deep breath and eat some lunch before having to nurse the baby.

The rest of the day goes fairly smoothly. Buggy took a nap and the baby snoozed most of the day. Boogie listened to books on CD while I rested on the couch.  I look back over the info. on the Boogie's medication:  Side Effects:  may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or itchy throat.  So Boogie wasn't more sick when he threw up, it was just a side effect from the medicine. Joy.

Fortunately, he's doing much better. His ear hurts much less and he's bouncing around as if he wasn't sick at all. He's been able to keep down the second dose of medicine.

Me? I'm exhausted. Can I sleep now?