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Sweetness--Age 4

Sweetness--Age 4

I marvel day after day about the kind hearts my kids display on a regular basis. I'm pretty lucky.

I'm amazed at how much my four year old has matured and grown into a kind hearted young man.  It seems the larger I get, the more patient, kind, and helpful he has been to me, to his sister, and to his friends. (Daddy is always his #1, so that's never been an issue).

I've marveled at all that he does to give me a hand during the day and around dinner time. He taught his sister how to put on her jacket and if I'm busy getting things together on our way out the door he'll attempt to button her jacket. I say attempt because she's not always compliant despite his best efforts.  Sometimes, if he can get her to sit down, he'll help her with her shoes.  He picks up things for me when I can't reach them, he does his little tasks and chores without complaint.  He's always ready for preschool when I tell him it's time to go.

Last night I was trying to make dinner. I made eggplant manicotti (yum!) but it takes forever to put together. Of course while I'm trying to mince the eggplant and put together dinner, Buggy wants a clementine and wants me to peel it. She wants attention (more and more so everyday) and I couldn't get dinner done while attending to her. I asked Boogs to peel her a clementine. He did and then he played with her so that I could get dinner ready. They ran around the house for an hour playing with one another.  He also helped with dinner by putting the manicotti shells in the water to boil--his contribution to making dinner. He's also learning to help set the table by getting the utensils out.  He always gives his sister two forks because without fail she will drop one during dinner.

The other day two of his friends came for an early playdate before I took them all to school. Each of the boys wanted to take a toy dragon with them in the car.  They were only able to find two, so Boogie gave up his beloved Night Furey (a Christmas gift from one of his cousins) to one of his friends until they could find another dragon. He did this without any prompting and with a ton of kindness.  He then scoured the house for another dragon, found one, and the other little boy happily traded the Night Furey for the dragon Boogie found for him.  I was pleased and touched by their maturity, kindness, and sweetness.

I really love this age. Boogie is independent and helpful, but still loves hugs and kisses.  He loves any one on one time I can give him. If his sister is napping sometimes we'll sit and read books while snuggling on the couch.  He tells me on a daily basis about how he'll teach the baby new things and how he's going to help me.

My hope is that he will continue this trend of loving sweet help as he continues to grow. My little man is growing up.