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Sundays are for Star Wars

Finding solace in a galaxy far, far away
Sundays are for Star Wars

Finding solace in a galaxy far, far away

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

My husband and I are Star Wars fans. Before digital streaming was a thing, I bought him the DVDs. I’m pretty sure there may be dusty VHS tapes somehwere. Yes, we’re that old.

We have four children ranging from soon-to-be kindergartner to soon-to-be high schooler. There are plastic light sabers all over the house which can be picked up at a moment’s notice. We even have costumes as we decided one Halloween to be different Star Wars characters.

In February, I had been diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer and had the lumpectomy just a month before my state went into lockdown. My chest port procedure was done three days after lockdown. I started chemotherapy a week later. As we were dealing with all of that, the kids were home full-time without school, friends, or activities to distract them.

Bickering is a constant state in my house. While we all love each other, we don’t always get along. But one thing we can agree on is our love for Star Wars. And in a galaxy far, far away we have found comfort as good triumphs over evil. As the Rebel Alliance fights against the Empire we find hope.

During the beginning of the pandemic we started our weekly foray into another galaxy with A New Hope, which in retrospect seems fitting in these times, and have since set aside time on Sundays to join Luke and the gang in a world away from ours. We have finished A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back and the prequels. Last week we introduced the kids to an earlier version of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Tomorrow we will meet Jyn Erso in Rogue One. And the week after that, we will wrap up the original trilogy with Return of the Jedi.

Later this summer I look forward to introducing my girls to General Organa showing them that girls can be princesses who become generals who are leaders in the resistance. I love that there are strong female leads in the Star Wars Saga with General Organa (let’s face it, she was pretty badass as a princess, too), Jyn Erso, Queen Amidala, and Rey, just to name a few.

My boys find their heroes in Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Poe Dameron, and Finn; men who find their calling to help others even when they don’t realize it at first. I’m looking at you, Solo.

As I continue my cancer treatments and feel out of sorts the Sundays with Star Wars is just what we need for a reprieve. Sometimes we flop on the couches in the family room with our bowls of ice cream or popcorn. Other times the six of us squish together in my bed when I’m too tired to come downstairs. We laugh, we shush each other (repeatedly), we cheer, and sometimes we agree with Han Solo and “have a bad feeling about this.”

There are enough episodes to get us through a summer where we no longer have swim team or play dates. This summer is unlike one we have ever experienced with the double whammy of dealing with cancer and a pandemic. We miss our friends and family, but we are finding solace in the adventures in a galaxy far, far away as we await for a time that we can gather safely once again and find ourselves on the other side of cancer treatments and a pandemic.

May the Force be With You.