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So Much for Not Making Mistakes

Just last week my son was surprised to hear that Mommy makes mistakes. Boy do I ever!

Just this morning I read on the Tecnu bottle (the poison ivy wash) that you should wait a day before using it if you've been using hydrocortisone cream...um, yeah, missed that the last two days. Fortunately, the effect of using both at once doesn't seem to be overly harmful, but makes the skin more irritated. Hence, why Boogie has been waking up and crying and scratching.  I think I'll have to lay off of one or the other. I'll take a look at his torso today and see which one seems to be working better. His skin is definitely better after the Tecnu bath, but we didn't do one last night. Just the cortisone cream, the antihistamine, and the prednisone...

Also I have to figure out why my little girl doesn't seem to be as good a listener as my son. Age? We're more lax with her? Her personality?  Last night after dance class I picked up dinner from our favorite Greek place. It's this little hole in the wall, mom & pop place that we love.  The restaurant is tiny and the tables are really close together. Last night it was just us and my kids were running around. I managed to round up my son, and he sat down quietly. I called to my daughter, she laughed and ran away...smack into a table, ricocheted into another one until she fell on the floor. Just great. I was so frustrated with her and my inability to reign her in.  She was fine and a little more subdued by the time I reached her. I think all the employees held their breath. No one said a word. I brought her back to the counter and I could tell the owner was trying not to say anything to me.  As I paid for the food he said with a nice smile, "Kids fall, and they're alright. It's fine." I was really expecting him to reprimand me for allowing the kids to be crazy, but he was nice.

Fortunately, none of my mistakes have been devastating. We learn from them and move on. No wonder the last kid in the bunch seems to have it better. You get all of your practice from the first couple. HA! But in reality, parenting is a learning curve and I'm just trying to keep up.  Overall, life is really good and we're happy :)