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Proverbs 31 (Part IV)

Reading Proverbs 31 has put things in perspective for me. When I started reading it, I was comparing myself to this amazing woman in the Bible and feeling like I don't measure up.  But then as I started to write about it, I realized that I completely measure up and I do it in my own way.  Sometimes when it feels like I can't do enough, I realize that I'm already doing quite a bit.  Yay, for perspective!  Often my friends will tell me that I'm too hard on myself. And they're probably right. I chalk it up to my Type-A personality. But as this pregnancy is showing me, it's okay to let things go and focus on what's important.  For me, it's my family and growing this new baby.  Initially I cringed when I realized that I couldn't keep up with my former schedule and that my house would look like a tornado hit it. I am grateful that the friends who have dropped by recently have turned a blind a to the craziness of my house. Thanks, friends :)

I think this is the last posting on Proverbs 31. Let's dive in...

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.
 ---I strive for strength and dignity on a daily basis and try not to let the small things get me down. It's hard some days.  My goal is to laugh more often. I feel that a good chuckle helps to relieve a lot of stress. My husband often says that no one makes him laugh that I do.

26  She speaks with wisdom, an faithful instruction is on her tongue.
 ---I try, especially with my children. I realize that I'm their first teacher in life and I do my best to prepare them for what's to come ahead. I am also grateful for the other women in my life (family and friends) who are available to give me advice on a bunch of things...child illnesses, parenting, friendship, etc. and for that I am grateful.

27 She watches over the affairs of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.
   ---I am definitely the primary cruise director for our family. I schedule, schedule, schedule. But lately, I'm starting to put a few holes in our schedule that so that we have family time and it's been pretty wonderful. Oh, how I wish that I didn't partake of the bread of idleness as often as I do. I think it's hard. I'm easily distracted (hello, ADD) and don't always get things accomplished. But I do my best and I always carry around my trusty lists ;)

28  Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.
  ---When I was working full-time I felt that all I did was work and I was failing miserably as a parent.  I had a conversation with someone one time and I said, "I do not want to have on my gravestone...worked long hours and tirelessly at her job.  Instead I would much rather have, 'loving wife and mother' and know that is what I was good at and that is what I would be known for, even if only to my own family.  My prayer everyday is that I can be the type of wife and mother that God wants me to be.  I want to have a solid relationship with my husband and my children and I think we are well on our way. Praise God!

Thanks for joining me in my journey through Proverbs 31. I hope that as you look at your life that you see all the wonderful things that you do on a daily basis.  I am in awe and inspired by you. Thank you for the encouragement and the inspiration. Have a peaceful day!