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The other day at my TREC class our instructor mentioned that the 4th of July was her son's birthday. Someone joked that he came in with a bang, and she he said, he literally did. Her labor with him was very short and he came into the world just as the fireworks started going off.  Of course this conversation led to the other women describing their labor and their children.  Our instructor also said that with her 2nd born, they were concerned that she would come very quickly and since she lived more than an hour and a half away from the hospital they decided to schedule an inducement.  She said that it took forever for that baby to come and she feels like she forced her daughter to come into the world when she wasn't ready and she is forever forcing her to do things, whereas her son is ready to try something new before she (the mother) is ready.  Another woman mentioned that with her middle daughter they induced her labor and even with being induced, her daughter didn't come and they had to send her home and try all over again later.  She said that her daughter always drags her feet and comes "kickin' and screamin'" when they need her to do something.

I find all of this fascinating. I have heard mothers joke that their children's personalities are exactly the way they came out of the womb.  Who knows if there is any truth behind it, but I still find it interesting. Did I ever mention that I was a Human Development major in college?

I thought about my own kids. With my son, my water broke and then I never labored on my own. After a lot of Pitocin and 27 1/2 hours later my son decided to grace us with his presence. Of course by this time there was some concern and they had to call NICU to make sure he was fine.  As always he was fine. In some ways his life is like his birth. Whenever he gets sick, it's intense in the beginning, but then it  always turns out just fine.

With my daughter she was an easy, easy, delivery.  I labored for easily for 9 hours and hard for another 9. But her delivery was so easy. Three pushes and she was out. It was so easy that as the nurses were cleaning her off, I looked at my husband and said, "I could do that again."  She has definitely been my easy baby. She slept through the night within three months and she is forever my mommy's helper.

I still think they are a little too young to see their "birthing" personality shine through. But as I said, I find this interesting. Anybody out there think that their children exhibit their "birthing" personality? If so, I'd love to hear about it!