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Last night I went to dinner with a women's educational society I joined a few years ago. We have meetings throughout the year and pay dues.  Even though I'm not currently teaching, I stay a part of the society so that I still know what's what in the educational world, to stay connected, and to use my brain in other ways. It was really nice to be out last night.

We talked over the agenda and looked at future dates for meetings and projects that are on the horizon. I'm really excited for one of the projects and hope that we do as much as we can to support one of the communities in our area.  I'm looking forward to the next meeting when we discuss next steps.  However, as I looked over the dates for future meetings, luncheons, etc. I realized that I already have something planned for each of the future get-togethers. How is that possible?  Seriously? Here are some examples of the conflicts: October--Buggy's birthday party, November--weekend with a friend and possibly celebrating a SIL's birthday, February--my due date.  There were other dates, but I was already booked for them, too. The only two dates that we were able to plan something and I was able to attend were the two dates that wereTBA'd on the agenda and we set the dates last night. Since I was able to give my input for scheduling I will be able to make those meetings. Crazy!

So does mean I'm overly scheduled or just really, really organized? I've been getting better about giving us a weekend here and there to have absolutely nothing planned and Hubby is always pleasantly surprised when that happens. Maybe it should happen more often. But not for at least 3 more weeks. We're already booked!