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One Down

I am doing a happy dance. Finally, finally, my eldest is nighttime dry. This journey has been two years coming and he has finally done it! It's like a switch flicked on and now he is dry all the time! I am no longer doing loads and loads of laundry because of sheets. (Although I am doing loads and loads of laundry because Bam Bam spits up a ton and all the time so there's that issue).

I don't know how it happened. A few days after his 5th birthday he was dry at night and he was dry consistently. He's out of nighttime pull-ups and wearing underwear to bed.  I know that it has bothered him a great deal that he couldn't stay dry, but now he is and it's just one more step into him becoming older and more mature.

So I have one of the three completely out of diapers/pull-ups. I'm working on number two. Buggy is working in the right direction, however, has found that having an "accident" gets attention from Mommy faster than anything else. (I know, sad).  She's working on it and I know that she can stay dry because we have been on play dates, errands, and family gatherings outside of our house and she has used the bathroom like a big girl.  I would like to think that by Summer time she'll be daytime dry consistently and will go to the bathroom on her own. Right now I'm still checking on her and (strongly) encouraging her to use the bathroom.  Her favorite places are those that have a Buggy sized potty. She thinks they're "cute."

So here's to one down! Yippee!
p.s. I will admit that I find potty-training to be the most loathsome daily chore in parenthood. But one down! Woohoo!