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New Year's Resolutions 2014

Here it is, the first week of January. I've thought about resolutions, but I have been thinking that it's not so much about resolutions as much as it is a life style change. Geez, I sound like a weight loss commercial.

But really, the things that I want to accomplish, well, I want them to be long-term, life-time changes. I may change and tweak them, but I want them to be solidly in my life.  I just took a look at last year's resolutions and I think 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

The first resolution was to accomplish tasks with a happy heart.  I have to say that there was a lot less frustration this past year. A lot of times I let go of the little frustrations of every day life. Not entirely, because I'm not perfect, but I will say that my tone has been more patient with my kids.  It helps that the big kids can do a lot of things on their own, but I still have the everyday frustrations of finding out that Boogie has forgotten his homework at school again, Buggy has given me a peek of what it will look like when she is a hormonal teen (oh, the tears!), and Mr. Bananas, let's just say it's a good thing he's really cute.  For some reason he thinks the word "no" means, "no, go ahead and try it." Gah!  But overall, things are running a little smoother, a little less yelling is going on, and I'm not begging my husband to come home and rescue me from the craziness of having three children.  I'm not perfect, but less volatile reaction provides a more calming atmosphere. Huh, who would've thunk.  So this is a lifestyle change I'm going to keep.

My next resolution was to run a half marathon in 2013. I smashed it and actually ran 2 half marathons in 2013 about 5 months apart.  To be fair I did bonk at my last half marathon, but I finished. Finished poorly, but I finished!  Because I can't bear to have such a poor showing at my last half marathon, I am determined to run another one in the next year or two and finish strong to make up for the last one.

Ah, lastly...my last resolution was to write, write, write. And I didn't, didn't, didn't. Not to the extent to which I wanted.  My writing time used to be before the kids woke up for school. That has changed because now I run before the kids get up for school. I still need to find time to write.  It's not like the ideas aren't there, I just haven't found the time.

So what will 2014 bring?

Run without Injury.  This is my goal, to run without injury.  My last race was December 2013 and I had to hobble the last two miles of my 5K. My foot hurt so badly that I was limping for days.  I spoke to one of my favorite gym instructors and she advised me to stop signing up for races and to learn how to run without getting injured. So that's what I'm doing. I've hired her as my personal trainer. It was my Christmas gift from my Hubby and my parents.  I will have 8 sessions with her and she is going to give me exercises to strengthen all those parts that help me run. I'm  excited! It means less racing in 2014, but hopefully more running. I have found that I cannot live without running. The last 3 weeks were miserable. My attitude took a nosedive and my stress level skyrocketed when I couldn't run. So here's to an injury free 2014!

Be Present. I am a planner. I am always, always thinking of the next project, the next race, my next career move, and not being present in the here and now.  I find that I am always looking for my next goal so I tend not to appreciate what I have now.  My kids will only be this young for a little while. I relished and treasured my time home with them while they were on vacation. I was not sad that they had a snow day after their first day back after winter break. I made french toast and hot chocolate for breakfast and loved having them home.  I have a good life and I need to enjoy it and appreciate it and not worry about the next thing.  So I will learn to live in the now. While some planning is good, being present and being flexible is better. It's okay to have a messy house, right?  Being okay with staying home and not working is another part of my being present.

Write, Write, Write. Do I dare post that again? Yes! While I may not physically put words to paper, I am always thinking/pondering/writing entries in my head.  I think I would feel better if I could just get it out there.  So here I go again. Third time's the charm right?

What are you goals, resolutions, life style changes for 2014? Will you be present? Will you tackle a new healthy eating menu? Will you take on a sport? Will you be creative? How will you help yourself and your neighbor?

My wish for you is peace. May you find peace in the new year so that you may hear His voice.  May you find yourself present and appreciative of all that God has to offer for you. I pray that you will bless others as you are blessed. May you find our outlet so that you may receive peace, love, and joy in the New Year. Be blessed.