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My Little Escape Artist

My Little Escape Artist

Hubby and I were thinking about putting the kids in the same room sometime in December. We've been thinking about getting twin beds that can eventually be put together as bunk beds when the kids become older.  I've been going back and forth debating on that and keeping Buggy in a crib. She LOVES her crib. She loves to throw her Fisher Price Little People in it and play with them in there and have her own private party.  We're also not ready for her to be roaming around and being able to get up whenever she pleases.

Ahhhhh, big brothers. They love to show their younger siblings how to do things. At times, it's really, really inconvenient. Like how Boogie decided to show Buggy how to escape from her crib two days ago.

The kids were supposed to be down for a nap, but since I found out I had to pick up the minivan from the shop soon after I put down the kids, it was good that they never actually fell asleep.  I let Boogie get up and I opened the door to Buggy's room where she is happily playing in her crib. I go back to folding laundry in my room next door. The next thing you know, Bug is walking in my room happy as can be. I think she even sashayed a bit.  I ask her how she gets out and she mentions my son's name.

Me: "Boogs? How did Buggy get out of her crib?"
B:  "I showed her how!" (very excitedly). "I climbed in and then I showed her how to climb out. Look she can do it all be herself now."

That's just great. I was hoping to keep her in her crib as long as possible.  As both kids are up, I go ahead and get us ready so that we can go pick up the minivan from the shop.  After we get home I stick both kids back in their room for another attempt at a nap. I decide to head down and chill out on the internet.  Someone is mowing their lawn outside, the AC is running, the tv is on low when I hear it. I hear a muffled scream. It sounds kind of like kids playing or even as if I'm being called by one of the kids. Sometimes, Bug will play in her room and have conversations with her animals, but not really need me.  I look outside,  no kids outside playing. I stand at the foot of the stairs and I hear a terrified and muffled, '"Mama!"

I run upstairs and open Buggy's door. The following scene greets me. My beautiful girl's terrified, tear-streaked, red face. Next, her straddled body over the crib railing on the side closest to the wall. My darling girl tried to climb the crib on the other side and got stuck between the wall and the crib.  I try to remove her, but she's stuck. I move the crib and grab her. In gasps and sobs she says, "Mama, shnuggle, couch, shnuggle, baby, shnuggle. Ouch!"  I hold her tight and ask if she is scared. "Yesh" is the reply." I ask if she's hurt, "Ouch" is her next reply.  Poor baby. Her knee was red from where it was wedged.  Fortunately, she was not badly hurt, but certainly terrified. We snuggle on the couch with one of her beloved babies (crocheted blanket) until I have to get up to make dinner.

Later that night a couple of hours after we put down Buggy, we hear her crying for us. If it's possible for toddlers to have bad dreams, then I think she was having one. I think she was reliving her earlier entrapment :(

Of course, yesterday, Boogie opens her door in the morning when it times to get up and after naps and lets my escape artist out again. She climbed over the crib both times and walked her little self down to the family room.  She is quite proud of herself. I though her earlier failed attempt would keep her in her crib, but apparently not. Her brother's encouragement is just too hard to resist.

Now the question is: do I get a baby tent and try to keep her in crib longer or just throw in the towel and look into getting new beds for the kids? *sigh*