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Miss Independent

Buggy is now sleeping in a big girl bed. For the most part, it's worked out really well. She can't get out of her room to escape because she can't quite reach the doorknob, but she doesn't really want to because she loves her new bed. She also has enough toys and books to keep her occupied.

However, with the new configuration of her bedroom I have found that she can reach the light switch in her room.  She can turn the lights on and off all on her own.  Miss independent is now turning on the lights and playing in her room by herself when she should be sleeping. On Saturday, after a busy day running errands, I was resting on the couch while Boogie was decorating the Christmas tree.  Hubby, who had been out with his Godson, came home to find Boogie happily decorating, me resting (but awake), and Buggy happily "reading" in bed with the lights on.  He heard noises from her room, checked on her and found one of our cats sitting on the changing table patiently waiting for someone to let her out, and Buggy reading.  He came down with our daughter and said, "I assume you didn't leave the lights on in her room when you put her down for a nap?"  No, I didn't. She never slept and was busy playing by herself.

Last night Hubby put the kids to bed. When I went up at about 8:30pm the lights were out in both kids' rooms.  Boogie got up a few times to use the bathroom.  After watching the Amazing Race, I headed downstairs to do a few more things while Hubby watched football. As I walked by Buggy's room, I noticed the light on. She again had turned on the light and I found her in bed reading a book. When I walked in, I got a, "Hi Mommy."  Miss Independent strikes again.

She doesn't see anything amiss and is happy to greet us when we walk in to retrieve her.  Oh, I don't know what I'm going to do with her.  She is way more independent that Boogie was at this age...