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Lessons from My Daughter

Lessons from My Daughter

At various times in my life, I find that my children teach me so much (See lessons from Bam Bam). Just recently, I have been observing and appreciating my daughter's sweet and loving nature. In my observation, I realized that I should really strive to be like her. She has several character traits that I admire:

Love unconditionally: Buggy loves all of us unconditionally, especially her big brother. She really looks ups to Boogie and even when he is not as nice as he should be or his love is not reciprocal, she loves him with every part of her.

Forgive readily and easily:  Buggy is quick to forgive and lets bygones be bygones.  She does not ruminate on past hurts.  Her feelings were very hurt when Boogie did not want to spend time with her today. Oh, did she cry!  But she is always willing to try again and is thrilled when the answer is yes.

Be the first to say, "I Love You":  Randomly throughout the day, Buggy will look at me and say, "I love you, Mama." Oh, my heart sings when I hear it. It is the best thing to hear from any of my children and I treasure it every time I hear it.

Be Silly: My goofy girl is so very silly.  She giggles and laughs and finds the humor in mundane situations.  It's good to remember that life is FUN!

Cheerful Giver: Buggy is the first to share anything.  If Boogie says, "Can I have a bite?" or "Can I see that?" Or if we ask if she can share with her baby brother, she says, "Sure" with a happy heart. There is no hesitation, only yes.

Obedience:  Whenever we ask her to do something, her immediate answer is:  "Yes, Mommy." or "Yes, Daddy." Boy, could I take a lesson from her when God asks me to do something!

Happy Helper: I am always asking for help with something, "Watch your brother," "Can you get a diaper for me?" "Can you bring Mr. Bananas his blanket?"  Her answer is always, "yes" and she does it with a cheerful heart. I was just thinking of how when I am asked to volunteer or help in someway, my first thought is how I can get out of it (I know, I know, not very nice of me!). But watching my daughter help easily and happily, really makes me rethink of my first reaction. If I am going to help with something, my reaction should not be grumbling, but to do it with a happy heart and not look  for praise.

I am so very grateful for these little lessons. God has placed these wonderful children in my life and they have taught me so much. Most importantly they have taught me to look beyond myself and live with a happy heart. Thank you, Buggy. You make me a better Mama every single day!

I Timothy 4:12 My children are examples to others in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.