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Kidisms: Aftershocks

Warning...this next post is on the bathroom humor side, because, well, I have kids and apparently bathroom humor is just a part of having kids.

Boogie:  Mama, do you know what aftershocks are?

DM: Yes. It's the little earthquakes that can happen after an earthquake when things are still settling.

Boogie: You're right!  Mama? I have after poops.

DM: Um, excuse me, what?

Boogie: You know, after poops. Sometimes it doesn't all come out in the first session and I have to go a couple of more times to get it all out. You know, after poops. (Then bounds out of the room).

Me...huh. Impressed he knew the definition of aftershocks and could apply it to other areas in his life. On the other hand, something I didn't need to know. TMI, Boogie Man! ;)