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Is Teaching in My Blood?

Last night I had a dream that I was back in a classroom teaching fourth graders. I was making mistakes in some of my routines, but was already making mental notes how to make things go more smoothly the next day.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have any intention of going back to the classroom anytime soon. I love staying home with my kids. I recently told Hubby that any day that I get to wake up and stay home with the kids and not have to leave for work is a good day.  It doesn't mean I'll never work again, but it does mean that I've decided to make my kids my priority. When the time comes, I'll go back to work...but I still don't think it will be the classroom. I have another idea that I'll share in another 10 years ;)

I think I had this dream because I'm preparing for my son's preschool summer camp with our church.  This year I have been recruited as a preschool teacher and I'll be teaching 3 & 4 year olds about religious life in Ireland in year 600 AD or is 400AD?  I'm really excited for the opportunity, but a little nervous. My expertise is upper elementary and middle school. While I have young children, teaching a group of them will be a completely different experience.

At the last meeting for the preschool camp, there was a request for volunteers to help keep the camp running next year.  The current director has decided to step down after 5 years. She has done an amazing job, but it is a lot of work!  We don't use a box VBS (Vacation Bible School) curriculum and it takes the effort of many volunteers to put the camp together for 60-90 campers a year.  Anyway, she suggested that the camp continue with no less than 25 volunteers and is asking for future volunteers to keep the camp going.

If you know me or have worked with me you know that I'll volunteer and then tend to take on too much. I did this with my former job and I completely burnt myself out. So for the last 2 years my mantra has been...let me think about it. I just know that if I say "yes" I'll put 110% into it.  Which is great, but then I get stressed and then stress out my family.  So I held back and didn't volunteer (yet) for next year's camp.    I intended this year to take my new teaching assignment and do what I was told and not take a leadership position, but do what was asked and do it to the best of my ability. But.....

I can't help it! We broke down in small groups to go over our lessons for the week. Since I was the only one in the preschool group that made it to the first meeting I had all the information for the other ladies.  So of course, I sat down and started going over class lists and schedule. I started going over lessons and provided suggestions. Hubby laughed when I told him that I couldn't help it but I'm really good at telling people what to do. Go ahead and laugh. I know you are!

We talked and collaborated and shared ideas...but if there was a leader I was probably it because I led the  discussion. Sorry! I don't mean to, I just can't help myself. I think it's the teacher in me. I also think it's the administrator in me that has always been buried inside. But despite all of this, I do not want to take a leadership position anywhere!!

So it brings me to what I've been thinking about for the last 3 days...should I add myself to next year's volunteer list? This kind of thing is definitely my strength. I have the organization for it, the training for it, and the experience.  I know that if I volunteer that I won't be the only one. The group is filled with other parents who are go-getters, self-motivated, and creative.  I would not be doing this by myself.  I would actually be in a league of others who are in the same mind-frame.  I think the camp is a great idea and I know that my son loves it.  He totally benefits from it and I love the structure.  I would hate if the camp couldn't continue because we didn't have enough volunteers.

So here I am...debating.