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Is It Any Better?

Today I ran into three different moms while I was running errands and taking Boogie to school. Each of them asked, "Is it any better?" Each of these mothers saw me just a week or two after having given birth. I must have looked really rough and sounded really, really tired (which I did and which I was).  Today I was out voluntarily with all three children. We were able to run only one errand before having to take Boogie to preschool, but we did it and I did it without my husband's help! It can be done ;)

I really think that things are so much better when you have more sleep.  I'm also mostly healed and can move around much better. Between the sleep and feeling better physically I am better able to juggle all three kids. Things aren't perfect...my house is still a mess, I still don't have dinner on the table on time, and I would much rather hang out in my pjs for the day...but I'm able to get a shower, the kids are dressed and fed, I'm potty training my 2 year old, and I'm better able to work around our newest member's nursing schedule. So overall we're doing well considering I gave birth just 5 weeks ago.

So, yes it is better and yes, it is totally doable.  I just have to remember to lower my expectations for what I can do in a day and to give myself a break. Life is good!