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Investments (Part II)

Hubby and I work hard to invest in our children. We do our best to spend as much time as we can with them while still trying to do our everyday chores, Hubby's work schedule, and finding time for ourselves.

As I was thinking of investments, I realize that Hubby and I need to make sure we invest in time with one another.  Don't get me wrong, we're happy and life is good. I couldn't ask for a better helpmate and love of my life.  But we really need to make an effort to spend time together.  Just us. No kids. No friends. No to-do list. Just us.  It's too easy to forget about making time for us because we're making time for everyone else.Last night, we did just that, we went out for "us" time. Hubs had off yesterday for the federal holiday (gotta love them!) and he's off today for his flex Friday (Hello 4-day weekend!).  We got some things out of the way yesterday in prepping for Thanksgiving and we have a family celebration on Sunday so no relaxing Sunday together.   It's amazing how quickly we lose time together because of things that need to get done or gatherings to attend.We used to do date night once a month. But over the Summer we lost track of it because of other obligations and we didn't have time.  I've decided to reinstate it. We started last month with dinner and a movie.  It was great (and I actually stayed awake through the entire film!)Last night we went out again. We went to dinner and while I wanted to add something to our agenda like bowling, Hubby nixed the idea. He was a little concerned about his 6 1/2 months pregnant wife trying to throw a bowling ball down a slick alley. He also nixed my idea for roller skating....just kidding...I know that I can't do that either!  But we did dinner and talked (and decided on a baby name that we're not sharing!). We took our time and made it leisurely.  We even ran a quick errand (okay, two!), but we did it together without being tugged in 15 directions by our kids. We walked and held hands. Afterwards we decided to prolong our date and go out for dessert.  It was wonderful. I think making time for your beloved is a great way to re-energize your marriage. I feel that sometimes we go through the routines of childcare, work, chores, etc. that sometimes I think we forget that we're in this together.  Making time for us is so important and I look forward to planning our next outing (Harry Potter, anyone?). Hubs and I appreciate our time together. It makes the rest of the mundane chores easier because there's something to look forward to and to remind us that we're in it together. It makes time with our children and friends that much sweeter because we know that we're also making time for just us.   Life can be hard, sometimes, but we're doing it and we're doing it together!