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In Appreciation of my Husband

It doesn't seem right that Father's Day comes and I haven't acknowledged my husband. This one's for you, Babe.

Often when people find out that I am a SAHM they say that it's a hard job and they couldn't do it themselves.  I get kudos for being able to stay home with my kids.  I have to give credit where credit is due and say that I couldn't do all that I do without the support of my wonderful husband.  He is awesome. He is a second pair of hands and my true partner in everything. I might have the kids all day, but his job is the reason why I can stay home and take care of our kids.

When my husband gets home he immediately takes over with the kids. He helps to set the table for dinner, he plays with the kids, he gives them a bath, and then he helps to put the dishes away.  He's been extra helpful around the house lately. He's been getting the kids to put away their toys before bed. I've come home from running errands to find that he's cleaned up the foyer or the living room. And the biggest "I love you," was that he cleaned the toilet bowl recently. Nothing says love like a clean toilet, baby :)

Really, I am truly blessed. When we thought that Boogie would have to go to the hospital for a spinal tap, he left work immediately to give me a hand and to be there in case we needed to run out.  I can't do what I do all day without his support.  It's a hard job to be a parent, and harder if you have to do it by yourself. On those rare occasions where I've got to play the single parent because Hubby has to travel I appreciate him all the more.

Hubby, thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your love and support. I love you!