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I Was Sick and the House is Messy

A week ago Friday I came down with the flu.  Really, a Summer flu. Chills, headache, body aches, fever, and fatigue. I was so sick. I ended up being sick for a week and took a two hour nap every single day. Fortunately, the worst of it only lasted a couple of days.  Thank goodness Hubby was already scheduled to be home for the week so he tended to the children.  I couldn't believe how incredibly ill I was. I still dragged myself to Flipper practice every morning because I could do that, but that was all I could do. I would come home after, and fall asleep for 2 hours while the Hubby and the kids did whatever it was they were doing.

As the week wore on and it seemed my energy would never return, I would walk over and around the debris of toys, shoes, books, pool bag, swimsuits, towels, and whatever else had been pulled out to entertain the children or make it through the day.  By the end of the week I was utterly frustrated. I had no energy to maintain the house and my husband had taken the week off to work on a few household projects (none of them involved cleaning) and the big project of readying our backyard for the new swing set he bought for the kids (which is arriving today. Hurrah!)

As I like to say, the house looked like it threw up on itself. Ugh!!!  I have been better for a few days and have not needed to nap to regain any energy.  However, it is quite the project to clean up and organize a house that has essentially been left to the childrens' whims for 7 days.

While I was frustrated at the state of the house, I decided to turn a blind eye to it, knowing that frustration would get me nowhere and that I truly did not have the energy to attend to it.  This is a huge step for me. In the past I would have fussed at my husband, cried, screamed, and gone crazy trying to put it all back together when really all I would really be doing would be spinning my wheels because I was too tired and too sick to do anything helpful. Maybe I was too sick to truly care...

So it's, day 5 of being betterish. In those 5 days, we've had the team pasta dinner, the Flipper meet, a day out with my sisters-in-law, a day volunteering at the snack shack at the pool, and of course going to church.  I did manage to change all the sheets yesterday and do two loads of laundry, but that was about it. I'm better, just not a 100%

It's amazing. If Mama gets sick things start to fall apart. Hubby was great with the kids, completed readying the backyard for the swing set, and attended the swim team events (Pasta dinner, snack shack, and Flipper meet) and that was all that was accomplished. I think if all the mamas in the world took a week off from the world every single month or every time they were seriously ill...I think the world just might fall apart ;)  Hubby always says that I keep the family moving. And boy am I tired!

Thank goodness for my husband's help with the kids and his blind eye to the house (and I mean that sincerely. He's not judging how the house looks!)  Now I'm slowly rebuilding a semblance of our once orderly(ish) home. It just might take me a while. Cheers!