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I Need a Better System!

I Need a Better System!

As you saw from some of my pictures in my series "A Week in the Life" you saw parts of my messy house. I had commented at least twice that I need a better system. I do, I really do!!!  Several years ago I bought the "The Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life." I currently cannot find that book, ironic, huh? So obviously I haven't organized my life.  I'm always a work in progress. The sad thing is that I'm better than I was 10-15 years ago.

I recently bought the book "The House that Cleans Itself." I'm always on the lookout for ways to be better organized and to find a better system. I also subscribe to the blog, Organizing Your Way.  I love the blogger's philosophy of helping you find ways that work for you! The blogger also happens to be the mom of 4 little girls, so I feel like I can relate (although I only have two!).

The house has been driving me nuts, although it's really not that bad. But there are things out of place everywhere!  I hate when people come by unexpectedly and they see the chaos of my house.  So I'm determined to clean up and declutter!!!! Especially declutter!

The first step in the book was to do a flow chart of your home just to figure out all the areas in your house. The second part was to find your HomeBase Zone. The area that drives you the nuttiest. The place that makes you stressed out because it's not neat. It's also the place that gives you the most calm when it is clear, neat, and organized.  For me it's my kitchen counter next to my printer. It's the catchall for all things that come in the door: mail, school notes, receipts, new purchases, etc.  When we have a big family gathering it's the place that stresses out me and the Hubby.  I usually throw everything into a bin and shove it underneath the counter.  It's so nice when it's clear...but I know that all the crap is still lurking underneath.

After dinner last night, Hubby took the kids out to run errands. Unbeknownst to him I decided to start decluttering. Poor guy. I've included my work in progress. I managed to fill up at least two large boxes worth of stuff, most of which I'm sure I can throw away or find a new home for in their proper place.

I managed to clean off the countertop. There were cookbooks that I'm deciding what I should do with them. I've decided to pick and choose the ones that I definitely use and I'm going to give away the others.

This is what has been accumulating in the bottom cabinet underneath the printer. Yikes!

More stuff to sort, throw away, and donate.

This is the beautiful sight that greeted me this morning! Yay!  Only the essentials on the counter: the charging station, my labeler (which I can now fit into one of the many empty drawers and something I'm using all the time, now!), my router, my printer, a jar for writing utensils, my coupon holder, and my receipt). The coupon and receipt holders are left on top and in sight so that I remember to put coupons and receipts in there right away when I get home.  By no means am I done with this area of the kitchen. Remember I have go through the two boxes of stuff. That's the hard part. I think I'm going to follow a "Clean Sweep" model and give myself 30 minutes to sort the boxes and decide what to do with the stuff I have.  Everything else is pitch or donate. Anybody need a cookbook?