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"I a fower. No dwagon"

"I a fower. No dwagon"

Halloween is around the corner.  Growing up, Halloween was never a big deal. I think I can count the number of times I went trick or treating on one hand.  We did attend a few harvest festivals as a family, but we rarely dressed up.

As I've had kids, I'll admit that I have fun looking for cute costumes for the kids.  Hubby and I have never been in to the scary or gory, but we're okay with non-scary costumes for the kids.  I think the kids have been the following:

Boogie: pumpkin, dragon (2 years in a row), this year he'll be a knight (St. George)
Buggie: "boo"t-shirt and orange and white pants (she was only 9 days old), pumpkin

Last year I found a really cute flower costume from the Children's Place for Bugs. I got it for $4.99 on sale. Not bad!  I got it for this year. Boogie was harder, but  I found a knight's costume at Target and a shield, sword, and helmet on Oriental trading company. Overall, the price was right all around.

Hubby got the idea that Bug should be a dragon this year to go along with Boogie's costume of being a knight. Boogs was all about being Buggy's dragon slayer.  Hubby put the costume on Bugs, and showed her what it looked like in the mirror. Her reaction? She cringed and said, "No dwagon. No dwagon. Scawy."  He put on the flower costume. She walked around, "No dwagon. I a fower."

Even now if you ask her she'll say, "I a fower for Ha-wee. NO dwagon!" She is definitely my girly-girl!