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Happy Birthday Hubby!

It's my Hubby's birthday today. Unfortunately, he is traveling again and we won't get to celebrate with him today. But we made the most of this weekend and celebrated all the way through.  Our celebration started on Friday night when my parents graciously offered to watch the kids so that we could have a date night.

Hubby and I did something we haven't done in forever and we went bowling!  Wow, bowling has changed a lot since I was a good. Everything is computerized. The place we went to had waiters with earpieces taking orders and serving our food. No more greasy diner at the back of the alley.  They served more than just beer. Now you can fancy martinis while you bowled.  No more going up and down the alley looking for the ball that was "just right."  Now it's small, medium, and large and everything is color coded and is handed to you when you order your shoes.  I don't know if all bowling alleys are like this now, but the one we went to was definitely fancy.  The groups next to us were enjoying a buffet dinner complete with fruit and cheese platter.  Huh, no kidding.  Oh, and if you use bumpers, you could program the alley to put them up and take them down as needed for each player.  Fancy!Hubby and I decided to have dinner while we bowled. We indulged and bowled. We're both terrible at bowling, but enjoyed one another's company knowing that the kids were in good hands and we didn't have to worry about them.We were greeted on Saturday morning with some snow covered in a layer of ice. We had a leisurely morning and decided to have Daddy's birthday breakfast a few days early.  We let Daddy sleep in while I made breakfast and the kids bounced around the house waiting for him to wake up.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends and enjoying a friend's 3 year old birthday party.  On Sunday, I made Hubby a peanut butter cake. Not sure what I did wrong, but it came out dryer than expected and I should have waited a little longer for the homemade frosting to cool before pouring it over the cake. I'll have to work on this. We had an early dinner, opened presents, and ate cake all before Hubby headed out for another business trip.  The kids and I are so grateful for Hubby/Daddy. He is the best thing that has happened to us and we miss him when he travels and celebrate when he is home. Happy Birthday, Baby. We love you!