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How did my daughter become so glamorous?  She has started putting on sunglasses and loves them.  She's now insisted on wearing them in the house.  She has started parting her hair on the side and every now and again will shake her head in a glamorous sort of way.  She wants to wear make up. She loves handbags and shoes.  Um, she's only 22 months!

She absolutely cracks me up.  I didn't think I would ever have a girly-girl (though J. you might laughing at this statement if you remember my first year in college).  But I do have a girly-girl. Yesterday we dropped Boogie off at camp and she I spent the day running errands. Of course we went to Target (love it!) and as we passed the ballet leotards I had to take a look. Buggy grabbed one and said, "Ooooh, pwetty. Me, dance. Pwetty dwess."  I had to bribe her with a new big girl straw cup so that I could put away the leotard (I already bought two for her).  We bought her headbands since she wasn't keeping barrettes and ponytails in her hair. She took the whole stack and stuck them on her head.  Later that night she showed Hubby. "Pwetty headband, Daddy. Pwetty"

My little girl is really growing up.  Besides being the next fashion plate, she is ready to be a "big gurl." She woke up yesterday and pointed to herself and said, "Me, big gurl. Big gurl bed." Then she pointed to Boogie's room and said, "Me, big gurl. (Boogie's) room." She's basically telling me she's ready for her big girl bed and ready to share a room with Boogs.

I don't think I'm ready for my "baby" to be a "big gurl" yet!