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Ever Have One of those Days?

Yesterday morning started out like any other morning in a harried mother's life.  The lottery for our application registration for my son's preschool was scheduled on a Monday morning at 8am. Doors close at 8:05am. A head count is taken and then the process begins.  Try getting out of the house with two small children, ages 1 and 3, by 7:30 in order to get to the school before the doors are slammed shut for registration.  Of course, my kids have been sick, and of course they are on nebulizer treatments so this means my 3 year old is up bouncing around at night until 9pm until the effects of the treatment wear off.  This is not conducive to waking the children at 6:30am!The night before I asked my husband to make sure I wake up when his alarm goes off at 5:30am. This would give me enough time to shower, eat breakfast, put ingredients in the slowcooker for dinner, pack all the things we need for our day because we wouldn't be back until 4pm (this includes the extra change of clothes for a 3 year old who still has occasional accidents with going to the potty) and possibly make a dish to bring to my friend's house for our playdate.  I woke up at 6:15am to the sounds of the shower running. FAIL!!! I'm already 45 minutes behind. I have a tight schedule. I can't be behind!!!!  I bolt out of bed to my husband's bewilderment.  I head down the stairs and start putting together a slowcooker meal. He comes down and helps, but I'm already jamming with all the needs to be done. I managed to prepare dinner, take a shower, throw a load of laundry in, and wake up the 3 year old by....7:25am. FAIL!!! Now I have about 20 minutes (if I still plan to make it to the lottery) to change and feed both children and get everything out to the car. Still not done:  me eating breakfast (I completely forgot), meal for friend, nebulizer treatment for the 3 year old.I manage to dress and feed both kids waffles in the car. We left at 7:53, arrived at the school at 8:03am. We are literally running through the parking lot. Me clutching the baby likes she's a football and the 3 year old trying to run in snow boots. Oh, yeah, did I mention it's winter? So we need jackets, mittens, hats, and boots?  The principal opens the door to the lobby and says, "Take a deep breath, we haven't shut the doors yet."  I'm near tears by the time I sit down...tears of relief, tears of frustration. My adrenaline is pumping and I'm thinking...it's only 8:03am! How can I be stressed and anxious at 8:03am!!!  As I'm trying to collect myself, another mother who I recognize from the school with children near the same age as my own has the same frazzled and worn look about her. She whispers across the aisle, "I can't believe I made it. My kids haven't even eaten breakfast yet." We swap stories about our morning as we wait for the lottery.  By the end of the ordeal I got number 46 out of 50 for the lottery. Which means that I'm way down the list for getting my preferences for classes...but I'm pretty sure that my son will be enrolled next year.Scene 2: Go home because it's still another 45 minutes before our follow-up dr.'s appointment. This is our fifth appointment in 3 weeks. My daughter had a double-ear infection and my son had pneumonia.  This was our final appointment to get see if we get a clean bill of health and we do.  But before going we stopped at home so my 3 year old can get a nebulizer treatment. This is when I also realize that I have yet to eat breakfast. I call my husband to fill him in on the lottery and I eat breakfast while my son gets his treatment.  Then it's another mad dash out the door for the doctor's appointment.Scene 3:  Doctor's office. The kids get a clean bill of health. Yay!!!!  But of course I decide, "Hey they're better, let's get them immunized and vaccinated." Nothing like being a glutton for punishment. Both kids were given the H1N1 vaccine and my daughter was given one of the immunizations needed at 15 months. Both kids are crying, however, the sweet moment of the day happened when the 3 year old told the baby, "Don't cry, it's okay" even though his tears were still glistening in his eyes. We make it out of the doctor's office, in one piece.Scene 4:  Playdate!  This was the highlight of our day. I have dear friend who was once my college roommate. If she still likes me 13 1/2 years later, then I'd say I'm pretty lucky.  We have children close in age. Our first borns are 3 weeks apart and our 2nd borns are 6 months apart.  Not too shabby.  Even though her family lives an hour away, it is so totally worth it for us to make time to get together. Our children love playing with one another and this gives us a chance to catch up. This was the rejuvenation my soul so needed. The kids played while we chatted away. By the time we left my patience was back, the calm had returned, and I was right where I needed to be...being a positive energy for my kids and husband.